Saturday, September 15, 2018

Mon General likes milk with his coffee

"Well I finally started to pull some of the more eclectic pieces in my unpainted collection out of  storage, and decided to do a French baggage wagon.

I looked at it and I felt it was missing something. So a Eureka cow and Calf running to catch up would be a great little vignette. Still need to finish the basing but you can get the idea.

I made the reins from a champagne bottle foil and the ropes from some sailing ship dream that never came to fruition. Pretty pleased on how it turned out.   Enjoy.....

 Close up of the champagne reins
 Really close up of the reins
 Before the basing
 Left side
 Wait for me!!!!!!!!!
 Right side
And so we begin the basing..............

 Finished full view
 The front end
 The rear end
 A different perspective


  1. Absolutely brilliant Colin. I love pieces like this and have a similar vignette on the go however yours is top shelf!

    1. Thanks Carlo. I was inspired by some of yours but love making a little story of a vignette

  2. Beautifully done. It looks superb on the 'raw' base, will look even more impressive once the base is completed. Lovely stuff.