Monday, July 13, 2015

On the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo I spent the morning boxing up troops and marshaling them into the car to head to my favorite gaming community in the city of Goulburn. Willow and I tried to recreate the 1st attack of that fateful day in 1:20 ratio of figures to actual men at the battle. So DÉrlons 1st Corp assembled across the field from the thinly stretched allied line with only a few regiments standing to oppose the massed french infantry supported by the grand battery and some cavalry. The Players for the allied side looked on in dismay. We used General de Brigade and they played out beautifully. Was great to see 250+ figures per column. Quite a sight mon ami....
Columns of attack form on the French Side
Ready to move off skirmishers forward

The Allied Line and Union Brigade lying in wait behind the crest

The Grand Battery or Napoleons Daughters

Columns approach after being bombarded by artillery all the way across the valley

The columns move into contact with the allied line and are halted
The fire from artillery with canister and musketry from the infantry halts the columns

The Scots Greys to wreak havoc on the columns of French troops..... 

They couldn't stop the wave of Scottish enthusiasm and the column routs

The Scots Greys just before their charge.
 The dice gods then really abandoned the French and the remaining columns seeing their friends turn and run decided that survival was probably preferable to being charged by cavalry fled back across the table resulting in a complete rout. So history in this case definitely repeated. Greg and Boyd patiently awaited the French Arrival rolled some great dice and rolled up the french with just the Scots Greys as the rest of the Union Brigade wasn't so keen to charge which was almost the perfect outcome. The Duke of Wellington would have said "well played that man".
A glorious victory to my Allied troops and a stern talking to of my French lads.



Monday, October 7, 2013

The Absent Willow paid a visit today which always inspires me to get off my rear end and post some more pictures this time of the Hanoverian Brigade I just completed.

They are Osterode Landwehr Btn, Bremenvorde Landwehr Btn, Osnabruck Landwehr Btn,Duke of Yorks 1st Field Battalion, Bremen Field Btn, Verden Field Btn, and Luneberg Light Field Btn.(not all shown as we ran out of time). I will try and get a shot of the whole when I can master depth of field shots and bracketing.

Hope you enjoy the shots. Happy gaming

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I resigned from my job a few weeks back and am starting the new one in another two weeks which has meant that I have had a lot of shed time.
I have moved things around and am starting to finish a lot of bench projects that have been calling me for years. I finally completed the Cavalry Commander for 2nd Corp being Piré as well as finally basing all of the artillery.

The new home for II Corp is a new shiny display case. It only just fitted all of the lads as there are just under 1100 figures in it. For your delight a few shots.

The whole lot....

1st Brigade 6th Division

6th Brigade Artillery all Front Rank Figures with Elite Guns

The Lanciers from 2nd Brigade 2nd Cav Div

Until next time happy painting.

Monday, June 10, 2013

A year of figure painting passes again. I have added another 4 french regiments and 6 Hanoverian Field and Landwehr units. Hougamont is still sitting unfinished waiting for some assistance from the Willow. I thought I would go down memory lane today as it is cold and grey and foggy at home and look at the army in 2003 as it was then.
It is now three times as large and now has an entire French Corp and a Prussian Brigade in addition to the allied army. A few of my favorite shots.

Here is the whole army back in 2003

My favorite shot is the household cavalry brigade below
Rifles to the front

1st KGL Lights leading the way.
For the francophiles my Voltigeurs from 61st Ligne
General Husson from II Corp and his retinue

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A few of the pictures from a number of games taken on the Blackberry when the Digital SLR was left at home through sheer stupidity......For a phone not bad on some and worse on others.

Artillery Command Stand where I have now redone the face of the mounted officer as it annoyed me.........

61st Regt of Ligne Command Base

Some of the artillery
Prince Jerome Bonaparte of II Corp and his underlings

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The laying out of Hougoumont was done on the weekend and now some final drybrushing and weathering and it can be glued down ready for all of the basing materials and gardens and trees to be completed.
All of the photos I have seen of Hougoumont showed a rise in the ground from both the north and south gates towards the chateau itself. We have used 3mm MDF cut with a jigsaw to step the ground up and when the filler and ground cover are put in place it should represent a gentle rise from the north gate and a sharper rise from the south gate toward the chateau.

The image in my head of what this will look like when completed is amazing and as I have seen quite a few representations of Hougoumont I think this one will be up there with the best.

Two years has just flown by but progress albeit slow is being seen.......
Cancon in Canberra on the Autralia day weekend should be an opportunity to stock up on some more terrain goodness.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I thought it was about time to stick some pictures up of units that were photograhed about 5 years ago. Its funny how your painting style changes but I think I have gotten better, but some of my nicest units came from a time when I lived in a basement. Enjoy
Dutch 1st Carabiniers
Prince of Orange
Belgian 2nd Carabiniers