Thursday, January 13, 2011

The games shed is almost finished.......yay
After a number of months of inactivity and many thousands of dollars being spent the games room is almost complete. It has been a mammoth task and over the next month or so the fixtures should be finalised to enable full production of the terrain tables needed for the project.
The view here is from the middle facing west and as you can see it has its own bar fridge, kitchenette and a toilet and handbasin within the enclosed area. The triple ranch sliders are in and the last piece of construction is placing the awnings up on the exterior to protect the doors from the weather. I also acquired a wood burner and flu kit which will be installed at the back RH side near the ladder so in winter the whole area can be heated.

This is the view east and is the other half of the shed, with cupboards and bookcases ready to be mounted against the far wall.

This last picture shows the middle area on the south facing wall which is where the workspace will be for the painting area and left of that the photography studio for the mammoth project of photographing each of the units done to date. Hopefully after January that task can start and the updates will become more regular.

Happy hobbying