Friday, January 27, 2017

Wow 2017

Some people would think that an annual update of a blog is probably the laziest blog on the planet and they would be correct. 2016 was a blur with a new job and a whole range of factors curtailing my enthusiasm for the project but in fact I actually managed to get quite a bit done and my darling wife gave me a few leave passes to spend a weekend in the Man Cave.

The workbench is still busy with inspiration now sitting above it.

The center piece is a restored 1820's Map below of the Battle.

At this time of year CanCon (Canberra Convention) graces the area and it always manages to re-motivate me. I get to see some amazing people from this hobby and always manage to find like minded people from around the country and in some cases internationally.

I have been progressing with painting and have in fact had a bit of a burst of progress in the last month having a week at home before returning to work. In between fighting Scottish thistle on the farm and intruding wombats that keep entering the house paddock and digging up what little lawn there is left after a few weeks of 35+ degree weather, I have managed to complete a number of pieces.

Finished basing four more French Regiments in 3rd and 4th Divisions in D'Erlons 1st Corp below.

I also managed to base the WIP Grenadiers a' Cheval below. This unit started in 2006 and is still waiting for all 40 to be completed I have 26 complete now and only 14 to go...........has to be a personal record..... 10 years in progress.....I hope there is someone out there that can match or better that feat!!!

Finished basing my Kings German Legion Brigade. The 1st to 4th Regiments and very happy with the outcome.

Found a place for Milhauds Cavalry Division beneath my Eagle.

I hit a milestone in the Project this month having completed

  • 50% of the French Forces;
  • 49% of the Allies; and
  • A miserable 17% of the Prussians
II Corp below has now been completed with all Command Stands done

The Cavalry Commander I particularly like. Pajol from memory??

Life goes on and am enjoying my renewed enthusiasm despite time constraints.

I hope 2017 despite all the craziness happening in the world can be a peaceful and productive one for everyone reading this blog and hope that the pictures can inspire you as well.

All the best