Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A few of the pictures from a number of games taken on the Blackberry when the Digital SLR was left at home through sheer stupidity......For a phone not bad on some and worse on others.

Artillery Command Stand where I have now redone the face of the mounted officer as it annoyed me.........

61st Regt of Ligne Command Base

Some of the artillery
Prince Jerome Bonaparte of II Corp and his underlings

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The laying out of Hougoumont was done on the weekend and now some final drybrushing and weathering and it can be glued down ready for all of the basing materials and gardens and trees to be completed.
All of the photos I have seen of Hougoumont showed a rise in the ground from both the north and south gates towards the chateau itself. We have used 3mm MDF cut with a jigsaw to step the ground up and when the filler and ground cover are put in place it should represent a gentle rise from the north gate and a sharper rise from the south gate toward the chateau.

The image in my head of what this will look like when completed is amazing and as I have seen quite a few representations of Hougoumont I think this one will be up there with the best.

Two years has just flown by but progress albeit slow is being seen.......
Cancon in Canberra on the Autralia day weekend should be an opportunity to stock up on some more terrain goodness.