Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I resigned from my job a few weeks back and am starting the new one in another two weeks which has meant that I have had a lot of shed time.
I have moved things around and am starting to finish a lot of bench projects that have been calling me for years. I finally completed the Cavalry Commander for 2nd Corp being Piré as well as finally basing all of the artillery.

The new home for II Corp is a new shiny display case. It only just fitted all of the lads as there are just under 1100 figures in it. For your delight a few shots.

The whole lot....

1st Brigade 6th Division

6th Brigade Artillery all Front Rank Figures with Elite Guns

The Lanciers from 2nd Brigade 2nd Cav Div

Until next time happy painting.


  1. Good to see you getting motivated Mr Craigie before the "Big Day" - kiss goodbye to free time then my boy.

  2. Hi Colin,

    excellent figures and pictures!
    I whish you all the best for your new job!


  3. On ... On! As we say in the Hash. Good stuff Colin. Don't let your new job take up too much of your more precious time. These big projects (and your is the biggest I know of) are victims of the whim of chance and life. My posting and impending divorce has put my efforts very much on the back-burner. I know you know that score. Looking very nice.