Monday, June 10, 2013

A year of figure painting passes again. I have added another 4 french regiments and 6 Hanoverian Field and Landwehr units. Hougamont is still sitting unfinished waiting for some assistance from the Willow. I thought I would go down memory lane today as it is cold and grey and foggy at home and look at the army in 2003 as it was then.
It is now three times as large and now has an entire French Corp and a Prussian Brigade in addition to the allied army. A few of my favorite shots.

Here is the whole army back in 2003

My favorite shot is the household cavalry brigade below
Rifles to the front

1st KGL Lights leading the way.
For the francophiles my Voltigeurs from 61st Ligne
General Husson from II Corp and his retinue


  1. Colin

    Goodness me - one post a year is not a bad way to run a blog. Anyway, great to see some action and nice looking stuff. But quite a contrast to the more recent French. Hanoverians and Prussians - yum! Waiting for Willow has a ring to it - should be the name of a blog.

    Hey - is the shed any further progressed - piccies???


  2. Very nice Colin - great to see those old shots from when you were still in NZ if I recall.

    Wold love to see your updated Hougomont board too.

  3. If I see Willow before Winters end then we may both see some progress.
    Shed photos to follow soon...