Monday, November 21, 2011

It had to happen sooner or later. The French II Corp rounded up the supply wagons and packed up and headed to Goulburn for the Bi Annual Australian Napoleonic Congress. The photos below are from the games I was involved in. Please enjoy. My command stand of General Husson won the award for Command Stand in 28mm in the painting competition as well which was a bonus.

On the First Day the French routed the Spanish in detail in Game 1 using 'General de Brigade' rules and in Game 2 on Sunday they had a hard task attacking a hill using 'In the Grand Manner' rules. A great two days gaming and some lovely eye candy to stare at on the other tables. Richards Spanish Lancers were superb.

 1st and 2nd Legere advance assisted by 1st and 2nd Ligne in reserve with Pajols Cavalry on the heights
 The view from behind the '6th Lancers of Pajols 2nd Cavalry Division' across the remainder of II Corp
 A regiment advances towards the hill facing cannister from turn 2 by the entrenched Spanish
 The left Brigade heading towards the hill...
5th Infantry Division under Bachelu from II Corp advances to the right of Jerome Bonapartes 6th Division.

Back to the Project in the next few weeks with an update on Hougamont on the cards as we are close to getting that glued down on its base.



  1. amazing looking figures - really impressive!

  2. Some superb looking figures, nice one!!!!

  3. Beautiful looking game and figures Colin...wish I did not have to work that weekend. How did my Spanish go?

  4. Looks like some nice looking games. I look forward to the big game in your shed.

  5. Hi Colin - yes beaut figures and looked even better in the flesh...

  6. Colin, your 2015 Waterloo game - will that a private affair or are you considering inviting other interested NSW gamers?

  7. It will be a private affair but as a two man waterloo game would take six months to play I am sure a number of friends will be invited.