Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wargaming Shed Update

Well its been awhile........The Winter provided some respite from the labours of running 20 acres of kangaroos, wombats and rabbits. So the shed is almost finished with the workbench in, beer fridge in and stocked and the fireplace installed and operational. Two weekends ago Matt came up for a session of basing all of the figures that had been finished over Winter and some plans in place for gaming tables to fill the void.

The shot of the table where Matt was knocking out the completed units, shows about half of what we had done over the weekend. The large French clock is now in place above the figure cabinets and the remainder of the shots are of the workbench and 1st and 2nd Legere being finalised.

Ciao Colin


  1. So many things to admire - from the shed itself (can it still be called a shed when it has carpet on the floor??), to the boxes stored above the door (must be terrain or more miniatures), to the Perry metal boxes on a shelf to the left of one of the pictures. Also very impressed with the painting / work bench.

    Yeh - we have been waiting a while for this update - more regular please.