Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Madness

Well it has been a month or two but we have actually achieved some forward momentum.

I finally completed undercoating the buildings and Matt has started with the base layer of colour as you can see from the pictures. We are now working on the mechanics of creating the rise of the ground within the walls of the farm, as the Chateau was on higher ground than the south gate, Three failed attempts and we have decided on mdf 6mm board cut to shape to give the centre of the farm the elevation needed.

A trip to Auckland last week allowed me to stock up on a lot of nice terrain, thank you Wayne for your patience as we trapesed all over town from hobby shop to hobby shop to top up on Silfor and a whole lot of Noch bits and pieces that will make the formal gardens look the part as well as the forests to the front of the farm.

I finished a basic light box for photographing the units as they are completed and have just purchased the lights and tripod so will have a day of photography to start getting the units up on the blog in the not too distant future.

The first effort of photography without lights and the camera flash proved to be a bit disappointing but the next photo's will be much clearer with the new lights and tripod to keep the camera from shaking. If you cant tell what it is it is my first French Limber team being the Old Guard Foot Artillery carrying a 12pdr into action.

Next step is to finish painting Hougoumont and to get it based onto the new board.


  1. Love the mortar effect on the brickwork - keep posting please


  2. That photobox is brill mate, good to see you finally got the camera working!

    may have to venture down with all my toys too!

  3. Great work so far i will be folling your progress the builds look awesome I've attached a link to My attempt at La Haye Sainte i ended up doing it in 15mm 6mm and 2mm because i'm completely mad but then most opf us are. Your buildings are better i do think.