Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Isolation is productive

So now I think I have well and truly broken the drought of one annual post on the blog. I think COVID19 as shocking as it is, has given me pause to reflect on what matters in life but also in our hobby that consumes our spare time. Up until lock down I spent a lot of evenings working late and either eating at restaurants or going in to town (40 kilometres one way) to grab things for the wife, shopping etc. Now I have weekends at home and invariably end up in the man cave painting basing or as my mate Matt and I call it "Noodling".......

Well that all ceased and we have been at home in the first four months of the year more than we ever have. Weekends away from home are but a dream that I hope returns as restrictions lift for many of us. Travel even locally broadens the mind and makes for the opportunity to meet unique characters that make up this world. My wife keeps saying if we were all the same it would be boring........I always riposte with the fact that imagine having to go no further than next door to look at a lovely collection of figures and get in a sneaky game on a Saturday afternoon and the endless discussions that could be had with a planet full of painters, collectors and wargamers........oh peace sorted out over a that stage she walks away rolling her eyes.....Anyway I digress.....

I haven't painted more figures in the past three to four months than I have painted in the last few years.

Here are some of the latest pieces

 A Front Rank Scots Grey casualty base
 This one rolls his eyes more than the wife.....

 The Perry Hired Help for Artillery FN20

 The 34 strong Perry Brunswick 2nd Hussars now completed. I think I got better with the black uniforms as I progressed, still a tricky thing to paint black. I opted for red fringes on the sheepskins as I saw a painting somewhere... it brightened them up I think.

 My first command base for Brunswick 1st Line Battalion yet to be based but hopefully finish that unit in the next week or so and put up a few more pictures.

Happy hobbying and stay safe and strong together we will definitely beat this thing.


  1. Gosh, these look magnificent Colin!

  2. One day we are going to have to play.

  3. Great to see more getting done Colin.

    I am one ahead of you in posts for the year :)


  4. fabulous mate, finally some "noodling" done in that games room of yours!

    I thought you had Brunswick completed? Must of been Boyd's figures on the table.

    chat later